​Here is a list of my most requested talks.
Specialized presentation can be individually developed upon request.

​6 things that increase change resistance and what to do instead

Why womens careers get stalled and surprising things we can do to get them moving again

​Using diversity to make better decisions

When experiencing rapid growth or changes in organizational direction, organizations rely on employee engagement, but can be met with frustration and resistance instead. This talk highlights 6 things your company is doing to make the change more complicated     and will provide a manageable blue print managers and team leaders can use to increase employee engagement and by in.  

This talk will share 8 techniques women can use to continue career momentum, even after experiencing challenging personal life transitions. Major transitions such as moving, having a baby, or caring for an aging for an aging parent can leave us distracted and confused about our career strategy. We will explore techniques for staying excited and productive while honoring the reality of the changes we are experiencing.
New research is showing that diverse teams make better decisions, yet somehow when we sit in a room together it can feel difficult to make progress. Learn how to speak and listen in ways to gain cohesiveness, create connection and learn together.  

​5 lies people have told you about work place engagement and one to build the excitement

​How to solve problems and make strategic decisions faster

Learn how we get in our way of making effective and fast decisions? This talk teaches how to utilize intuition, what might be getting in the way and how to better use your team colleagues.

Common leadership advice dictates that building stronger engagement builds stronger employers. This is not always the case. Some engagement advice doesn't work with on the ground teams solving practical business problems.  Learn how to build the high impact team you envisioned.  This talk will help you differentiate from the things that create a short burst of inspiration but don't make a long term improvement  in performance.