Get your team informed, energized and preforming at their best.  I can provide unique prospective and tools to increase performance. I will give your group or audience insight into their professional selves and can they can thrive within their team. These skills can provide a permanently cohesive team for years to come and will help your team be more efficient more engaged and more productive over long term.

I can bring you a  more a more exciting and high impact experience because My clinical expertise allows me to cater to many different personalities and learning styles.

Unlike many speakers I have a unique style. Some speakers read from a slide show and come off as boring to the audience, leaving those who crave interaction yawning. Some speakers are extremely interactive, leaving the introverts in the room cringing. I provide a synthesis of several different techniques in order to keep the entire audience engaged.

I am a licensed clinical social worker practicing psychotherapy in Centennial, CO. I really enjoy my clinical practice and also enjoy teaching people who do not need full therapy sessions in order to gain skills to better themselves.